Tuesday, 19 January 2016

You Inspired Me

Before I start , here is something for you to think about

At first when I found this on Facebook , I was like 

" Is there anybody who wants to be like me ? "
It was quite long for me to think about this like I was thinking of a serious world's problem . Haha . Suddenly , there was a Whatsapp coming . It was from my junior , a long long time junior from my elementary school . Quite shocking kan how can we still keep in contact after many years passed by . As he is waiting for his SPM's result , he asked me for some advice to go through the college life . Welcome to the real world boy . Eheh . 

So I told him my story . How I went through my college life , the hardships , surrounding situation and also some tips to stay strong even though I am not that strong enough to endure all this . Hehehe . Well , we have to give a good support to our juniors so they can think positively and be brave to face all the possibilities in the future . How good am I , right ? 

I asked him to do his best on his college life . I also asked him to not be like me , who had left a year behind my batch mate . And his respond was quite shocking . At last he was the one who advice me back . Hahaha . 

What I want to bring up here is that ,  
No matter how small your deed , how small your success is , there is someone . there will always be someone who wants to be like you . It doesn't matter how many times you failed , how many times you had been rejected , the ways you resisted all that make them adore you . Your sisters , your brothers , your juniors , your cousins , there will be someone who wants to be just like you without you even realize it . 

Before you give up , think again . Someone is watching you dude . Don't disappoint him/her . 

Hey you , 

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