Wednesday, 13 January 2016

That Girl Tho

While I was scrolling my facebook , my eyes were glued to a post about my friend . After a while I didn't hear from her , her mother did post pictures about her departure to somewhere in States . What really make me want to talk about her is about her success . What success ?
Haaaa , meh dengar cek nak cita naaaaa .

Okay . Let me call her H to make it easier for me to tell the story . She was once my classmate in college . She is a silent , introvert , shy , not mixing well type of girl . Back then before we entered the college , there was interview for us . While waiting for my turn to be interviewed by the panels , we had to wait in a hall . At that time , my friends were not there with me because I was in a separate hall with them and I was a loner there . Trying not to be awkward , I tried to become friendly . She , H was sitting beside me . I took the chance to talk to her , well tried to be friendly . After talking to her for the first time , my first impression was , ' She couldn't make it' . The interview of course because she is ... I don't even know to explain this . Well it was just my first impression after some words I talked to her . But I judged to early .

Guess what ? She managed to pass the interview and became my classmate . Woahh . At first I didn't notice her much because she is such a shy girl . After a few weeks , I barely knew her because she was my classmate , and I got shocked at first because she managed to pass this . She did it . Days , weeks , months passed and we , my classmates were getting well together . But not her . She likes to be alone . Going to class alone , going to DS alone , everywhere alone . As classmates , we tried to get her along with us . Me too . I tried to talk to her , eat with her , walk with her but still , I couldn't . Till one day , I asked her ,

" Kenapa taknak masuk dengan kitaorg ?"
" Aku susah nak masuk dengan orang . Waktu aku kat sekolah dulu pun , 2 tahun baru aku boleh masuk dengan geng aku , waktu dah nak habis form 5 "

I only nod and smile . In class also , she was very passive . Well I was one of the passive student but then I still socialized with people but not her . She was strongly passive . Less socialized , loved to be alone .

During our TOEFL , she was also once a repeater like me . She didn't manage to pass that 90 just like me . But she managed to do it on her second attempt with TOEFL . Exactly 90 . To be honest , I really disbelieved at that time . My lecturer also . She once told me that she didn't expect that H could pass this exam . She was also shocked . With disbelieved , I came to her and asked about her marks on every sections .

Reading   : 28/30
Listening : 29/30

I just wowowowowoowowow . That was so high . Really high . Even though she didn't do well on her speaking and writing but with those high marks on that two sections , she managed to pass the requirement , that 90 . My eyes were bigger , my mouth was widely open . I do proud of her . Really proud .

Only then I remembered what my lecturer once told me about this .

Image result for focus on your strengths not your weaknesses

At first I was not sure about that because in my opinion , to get a good mark , we have to be good on every sections even on our weakness . We have to enhance our weakness . But then her achievement really opened my mind .

What I really want to tell are :
Firstly ,
We shouldn't judge anyone without knowing them well .
Secondly ,
Don't look down on other people .
Thirdly ,
Be humble .
Last but the most important ,
We have to focus more on what we are good at . Improve on that and you will get your success . Your weakness will be covered by your strength . Believe in you , yourself . Okay ? ;)

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