Sunday, 17 January 2016

Great Love

So I was called to talk about this movie after I watched it yesterday as I think this movie is really worth to share . Before that , I am not a Bollywood or Hindustan fanatic . I barely watch this type of movie but after I watched Dilwale , this feeling to like Bollywood was growing slowly inside me like a watermelon spreading it root to the pole . Hahaha . What kind of analogy is this ?

Here is a little synopsis for this Bajrangi Bhaijaan movie . There is one adorable girl , a six-year-old girl , who is mute from Pakistan , named Syahida . One day , her mother brought her to India to cure her muteness . On their way to India , the train , which they rode was broken in the middle of the night . It was a silent night and all the passengers were sounded asleep when Syahida came down from the train to help a calf by the railway . To be short , she was left by the train and was separated from her mother . In India , she met this one guy who is very kind called Bhaijaan . Bhaijaan's future father in law didn't like stranger with different religion to stay with them so he asked Bhaijaan to bring that girl home to Pakistan . Pakistan and India had a little crisis at that time and it was really hard for Bhaijaan to bring Syahida home . There are lots of obstacles that Bhaijaan and a reporter went through to bring Syahida home to Pakistan . Did they succeed to bring Syahida home ?
Hahaha . Don't want to tell you much . Well , I am not a spoiler . You should watch by yourself .

From this movie I did learn a lot but I just want to focus on this one thing . LOVE . Why ? Well as we all know love is abstract . Every persons have their own way to express their love . We also have our own definition of this . From what I learnt from this movie , the love of Bhaijaan towards a little girl , Syahida was very rare . They were strangers , they had different religion , they were also from different nation but still because of love , Bhaijaan willed to face all the obstacles to bring Syahida home. And because of their love , the crisis between Pakistan and India was solved . Can you imagine ? A little girl and an honest guy managed to bring their nations to peace because of their love . What a very great love , isn't it ?

You should watch this and I guarantee that you will never regret it . Ouh yeaa , do bring tissues along with you while watching this because your tears will come out in no matter time . Enjoy :)

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