Thursday, 27 October 2016

1st Done

Yeayyyyy. Already done for one semester. Another four semesters to hit. What a long journey huhh. Pray me hard please.This semester ended so fast like there is no other tomorrow. Ye, tahu cliche tapi nak taip juga.
Aha, four months in Lendu was so great even though it was just my first semester. Well, can you imagine it was only my first semester and it had been very great, the next, next, next semesters also will be super awesome great, kan? 

I hope so.

I barely can believe it. The first time I stepped into Lendu, I had nobody. Just myself and also my dream to success. I literally had no one. I didn't know anyone there except me. I retype, NOBODY. 
My first thought there was, 

"How can I survive here"
"Ouh man. Most of them are younger than me"
"Will they accept me as their clique"
"It's okay laaa kot to be alone"

So I prepared myself to be alone. #foreverloner but who expects that my first thoughts were just thoughts. I got along with my roommates very well as well as my classmates. Everything was just fine and we had a great semester. 

I totally became not the old me. For those who really knows me before can compare myself before and after. The old me just a silent, passive person who love to stay silent and always silent and just talking whenever needed. Well, not that really silent but can be considered as a shy person.

But ever since I went to Lendu, I changed 180 degree as I am now a very talkative, happy go lucky person in my class. I don't even know why and how I can be like that but it's okay. I love myself now. I once told my friends how I was back then in school, how shy, silent person I was. 
They were like,

"Ah kau, membongak je lebih. Pe kejadah kau yang bising camnih, waktu sekolah senyap"

And I was, okay. I don't need your trust. HAHA. 
My old school friends also did notice it. They were like,

"Dulu kau tak macam ni"

Well, I guess, the environment changed me. Takpun maybe because I love Lendu much(?). Haha. No, I have become matured actually to think that I have to be outstanding to compete with the students by getting talkative = higher self confidence.   

Baca post ni pun rasa macam self confidence tinggi sangat macam semua puji diri sendiri jeh. Hehehe.

Apa-apa pun terima kasih kepada minah-minah bawah ni for everything. 

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Current Life

I supposed to revise Business right now but then I don't have the mood. Since I'm home, the study mood fly far far away. It has been 4 months, maybe, I ignored this blog. Well, who care, right? There are lots of new things happen in these 4 months and I would like to share them here a little bit, in case you are curious with my life now :)

Well I started my study now. Yeayyy ! Guess where?
Here, ( I would love to put my campus picture but there is no attractive picture)

Image result for uitm alor gajah

I hope to get into somewhere farther but then here am I, still in Melaka. Sokay lah, dekat dengan family kan. Hehe.
In short, I am now a Diploma in Accounting student, still in Part 1 and gonna be a dean's list award student soon. Malas actually nak taip panjang-panjang. For those yang macam curious Farah belajar mana sekarang, sihat ke tak, don't worry, I'm doing fine here :)

Here, some of pictures to show ~

So this is my happy-go-lucky classmates, yang 24 hours memekak dalam kelas. Well then, I am glad that I am not the only 19-year-old person there yet there is someone who is older than me. So, takde lah rasa awkward mana.

Ini geng 5 sahabat. We did all the things together and I am glad they accepted me as their friends without any doubt. (Later on I'll describe them one by one) They taught me a lot especially in accounting and they will lend me their shoulders when I need them. No word can describe how good they are to me.

She is my best roommate aka my best friend for life. Eh ? I spend most of my time with her especially during weekends. I really don't know how to describe her but I do adore her much. She is a masscommer and gonna move to Rembau next semester. Honestly, I can't imagine how my life will be if she is not there. (Semoga Qistina tak baca blog nih)

I do enjoy studying here. I have seen a lot of people, a lot of behaviors, good, bad, all of that. They actually teach me a lot of lessons and I am grateful to be sent here. Looking forward to much better things soon. 

p/s : yeah, my ex boyfriend the 'cinta anjingan' guy also study at the same place as me. What a coincidence kan? Semoga Farah akan terus tabah dengan semua ini.  

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Hero Menang Kemudian

So I was called to share some motivation which I have hold into it since my upper secondary school. Back then on those years, I once almost failed in my Biology and I did cry very hard because I never get such that low mark. I was completely losing my motivation during those days. Luckily, there was my best friend, who I have known her since I was in Form 1 in Muar that always give me her support whenever I need her. Well, I have to admit too that she sometimes annoys me but really she has the purest heart which eventually can soften a hard-concrete-head girl like me. Haha.

She gave me this note which I still keep it until today. How sweet I am, right?

Yeah , I know that you can't read what was written on the note. Here I make it bigger for you.

Jika kau berasa lelah dan tidak berupaya,,, daripada usaha yang macam sia-sia,,
ALLAH tahu betapa keras kau dah berusaha.
Ketika kau sudah menangis sekian lama,, tapi hati masih terasa pedih,,
ALLAH dah hitung air matamu.
Jika kau fikir bahawa hidupmu sedang menunggu sesuatu, dan waktu bagai berlalu begitu sahaja..
ALLAH sedang menunggu bersama kamu.
Ketika kau fikir bahawa KAU DAH CUBA, sampai tak tahu nak buat apa lagi,,
ALLAH ada jawapannya.
Ketika semua jadi macam tak masuk akal dan engkau tertekan,
Hanya ALLAH dapat menenangkanmu..
Jika kau dapat lihat ada jejak-jejak harapan,,
ALLAH sedang berbisik padamu.
Ketika semua berjalan lancar dan kau terasa ingin bersyukur,
ALLAH telah memberi rahmat padamu.
Ketika sesuatu yang indah terjadi dan kau dipenuhi ketakjuban,
ALLAH tersenyum padamu.


(gambar Ultraman)
Hero Menang Kemudian

is to FALL first :)

ALLAH tak bagi apa yang kita harap
Tapi ALLAH bagi apa yang kita perlu.
Di saat kita terluka, terseksa dan kecewa,,
Dia dia atas sana,,
Sedang merancang yang terbaik untuk KITA.

Created by tangan kayu,
(signature) (signature)

Whenever I read this , automatically myself will respond positively to believe on every plans that are created from Him. May you also get some motivations here. 

p/s: I typed exactly what she wrote on that note with the same amount of commas and other punctuation

Dah jatuh, bangun. Pernah tengok cerita superhero kan? Ultraman misalnya. Berkali dia jatuh sampai lampu dia berkelip-kelip warna merah , dia tak pernah putus asa. Akhirnya? Dia menang juga kan? Dia mungkin kalah pada awalnya tetapi kemenangan masih berpihak padanya setelah dia berusaha. 
Hero menang kemudian , baru menarik cerita. :D

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Fun Ride

Actually I have tons of school work to be done but then I choose to write on my blog since I haven't update it for a long long long time. I guess you might miss me right? Ehhh, just admit it. It's okay. I understand . 

Fine, I am talking to myself like anyone ever bother to visit my blog. Hmmm. *sad 

Well I was too busy all these weeks till I don't have much time for myself, for the blog, for you. Hahaha. I was too lazy actually. Super duper triple lazy. Even to pick up the pen beside me I have to ask for help from my little brother who was far away in his room. Can you feel my laziness ?  

So I would like to share some of my experiences riding all the crazy stuffs in Times Square Theme Park. Just a bit of information, Times Square Theme Park is the largest indoor theme park in Malaysia, where it can be found in Berjaya Times Square. Can you imagine? A theme park in a shopping mall? 

While you are busy shopping, suddenly you hear people screaming frantically. 
Tak ke terbantut nak shopping? 
That was actually my first impression when my friends ask me to experience the theme park but most of the time, I was afraid. Hahaha. Why? To be honest, I am a person who really afraid of high. Furthermore, I also easily feel dizzy if something moving around frequently. 

I was travelling all the way from Muar to KL just to experience the crazy stuffs in the theme park and luckily they were not disappointing. After having our lunch, here we go! Let's experience the theme park. Yeahhh .

As we were just finished our lunch, my friend suggested us to ride the least dizzy ride, which my friend, herself called that ride "Ombak Rindu" as when you ride on it, you will feel the breeze, like you are on a ship. Haha. What a brilliant her , kan ? 

 Oort's Express

Oort's Express
Oort’s Express is capable of speeding up to 17 round per minute. So be sure to throw your hands up in the air as this whacky adrenaline junkie version of a traditional merry-go-round takes you for a speeding ride

Next we rode this thing. At first I resisted to ride on this as I already felt a great dizzy but then my friend forced me to as she said, it was a waste to not ride all the stuffs since I had already paid quite much to get in. 

Dizzy Izzy 

Dizzy Izzy
Get Dizzy with Izzy on the Dizzy Izzy ride! A spinning, spider-like machine that calls for 40 passengers to join in on a spin of a lifetime.

Another great dizzy and I felt like vomiting luckily I was not. Next was this thing. As my friends understood that I can't stand more the spinning, they said that it was okay if I don't ride this thing.

DNA Mixer 

DNA Mixer
A crazy gondola that loops forward & backwards while tilting from side to side. 21 test subjects are needed to be a part of Professor Cosmo's whacky experiments.

To see them on the gondola had actually freaked me out. 
Next to ease our dizziness, we try the bumper cars. Well, this was the ride that I enjoyed the most at that time. Finally, no spinning around. Haha.

Robo Crash

Robo Crash
Always dreaming to be the fiendish villain in a car chase? Want to test your skills dodging other bumper cars? Here’s your chance to crash in to all of your friend’s ride in a safe & controlled environment. 

And this was the highlight of the day. The roller coaster. Yeayyyy. After that bumper car crashing, my fear to the roller coaster lost eventually like a magic. Wow.

Supersonic Odyssey

Supersonic Odyssey
For those looking to prove their worth as a true blue adrenaline junkie, there is no better ride than the Supersonic Odyssey. It is Asia-Pacific's longest multiple-inverted roller coaster that is 800 meters long & runs at a top speed of 80KM/H.

Okay, I just knew that the speed reaches 80km/h. So fast. My friend recorded the time, which it took almost 2 minutes to finish the 800m road but frankly speaking, I didn't feel like 2 minutes. It happened just in a blink of an eyes.
And that was how I spent my weekend. Eheh. I do recommend you to experience all these. It's worth in your lifetime. Haha. Apa aku merepek ni. 

p/s: The italic one , I copied them from google. Thank you Mr. G :)

Saturday, 6 February 2016

First Week

Finally it's a wrap for this week's school days . Usually I'll be going to sleep latest by 12 am but since this is weekend , there is no wrong for me to sleep a little bit late . Well , I am just enjoying my weekends while I can . Eheh . It was totally an exhausting week for me as I have started my work as a temporary teacher . As I am waiting for the universities intake , I bet it is worthy for me to experience a new thing . Kan ?

I had been ordered to replace a teacher who is on her labour leaves for likely three months . The teacher teaches Special Education (Pendidikan Khas) so I have to replace her on that class . Special Education is an education focusing on special students . Special students can be defined as students who have disabilities including those students who have mental disability , learning problems , emotions and behaviors disturbance , communication distraction (speaking and language) , deaf , blind or having a low sight , physical disabilities and also genius students . Okay , I translated this meaning exactly from  Malay wikipedia . Forgive me if you don't clear about that . Well , I am not that good in translating Malay to English . Eheh .

Image result for special education

As I teach these special students , surely the obstacles faced are different from teaching normal students . I have to be more patience especially to endure with their behaviors . So , in that school , there are three classes of Special Education . A class for Year 1 and 2 , a class for Year 3 and the other class is for Year 5 . So far I haven't face any big problems from students who are in Year 3 and Year 5 as they had already grown up and can handle themselves greatly . This is opposite to Year 1 and 2 class . Even though there are only 7 students in that class , it feels like I am teaching 20 persons at that time . Well , can you imagine how chaotic is that ? No , I know you can't imagine it as you are not in my shoes . Hahahahahahaha .

I had met this one student , named Qalesya from Year 1 and 2 class . She looks normal but she have problem to focus in class . I was teaching only for a minute and she had already felt boring about that . To be clear , it is not I'm the one who can't teach but she is the one who can't focus too long . Trying to defend myself before you say something . Eheh . Okaylah , I have to admit that I can't teach very well as I am only an SPM leaver and I don't have any experience of teaching people . Yeah , I need to learn more . I know . Back to that Qalesya , she would find anything else to do after she feels boring on that learning . For example I am teaching Mathematics in that class , after a couple of minutes , she will get up and blabbering to herself . Yeah , she is talkative . A very talkative person . Wow , to handle her you will need a really big effort . However , even though she is that way , she appreciates her teachers very well . Every day , before she goes home , she will hug every single teachers in that class saying that she loves them . Awwww , so sweet kan ? I bet there is no normal students will do that to their teachers . So do I . If there is one , he/she really earns my respect .

There are lots more to be shared but then I had already felt sleepy .
It was tough yet a really interesting week . Just looking at their actions and also the way they tell a story surely can brighten up my day .
I am looking forward for the school to start soon :)

Image result for quotes for special education teachers

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

You Inspired Me

Before I start , here is something for you to think about

At first when I found this on Facebook , I was like 

" Is there anybody who wants to be like me ? "
It was quite long for me to think about this like I was thinking of a serious world's problem . Haha . Suddenly , there was a Whatsapp coming . It was from my junior , a long long time junior from my elementary school . Quite shocking kan how can we still keep in contact after many years passed by . As he is waiting for his SPM's result , he asked me for some advice to go through the college life . Welcome to the real world boy . Eheh . 

So I told him my story . How I went through my college life , the hardships , surrounding situation and also some tips to stay strong even though I am not that strong enough to endure all this . Hehehe . Well , we have to give a good support to our juniors so they can think positively and be brave to face all the possibilities in the future . How good am I , right ? 

I asked him to do his best on his college life . I also asked him to not be like me , who had left a year behind my batch mate . And his respond was quite shocking . At last he was the one who advice me back . Hahaha . 

What I want to bring up here is that ,  
No matter how small your deed , how small your success is , there is someone . there will always be someone who wants to be like you . It doesn't matter how many times you failed , how many times you had been rejected , the ways you resisted all that make them adore you . Your sisters , your brothers , your juniors , your cousins , there will be someone who wants to be just like you without you even realize it . 

Before you give up , think again . Someone is watching you dude . Don't disappoint him/her . 

Hey you , 

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Great Love

So I was called to talk about this movie after I watched it yesterday as I think this movie is really worth to share . Before that , I am not a Bollywood or Hindustan fanatic . I barely watch this type of movie but after I watched Dilwale , this feeling to like Bollywood was growing slowly inside me like a watermelon spreading it root to the pole . Hahaha . What kind of analogy is this ?

Here is a little synopsis for this Bajrangi Bhaijaan movie . There is one adorable girl , a six-year-old girl , who is mute from Pakistan , named Syahida . One day , her mother brought her to India to cure her muteness . On their way to India , the train , which they rode was broken in the middle of the night . It was a silent night and all the passengers were sounded asleep when Syahida came down from the train to help a calf by the railway . To be short , she was left by the train and was separated from her mother . In India , she met this one guy who is very kind called Bhaijaan . Bhaijaan's future father in law didn't like stranger with different religion to stay with them so he asked Bhaijaan to bring that girl home to Pakistan . Pakistan and India had a little crisis at that time and it was really hard for Bhaijaan to bring Syahida home . There are lots of obstacles that Bhaijaan and a reporter went through to bring Syahida home to Pakistan . Did they succeed to bring Syahida home ?
Hahaha . Don't want to tell you much . Well , I am not a spoiler . You should watch by yourself .

From this movie I did learn a lot but I just want to focus on this one thing . LOVE . Why ? Well as we all know love is abstract . Every persons have their own way to express their love . We also have our own definition of this . From what I learnt from this movie , the love of Bhaijaan towards a little girl , Syahida was very rare . They were strangers , they had different religion , they were also from different nation but still because of love , Bhaijaan willed to face all the obstacles to bring Syahida home. And because of their love , the crisis between Pakistan and India was solved . Can you imagine ? A little girl and an honest guy managed to bring their nations to peace because of their love . What a very great love , isn't it ?

You should watch this and I guarantee that you will never regret it . Ouh yeaa , do bring tissues along with you while watching this because your tears will come out in no matter time . Enjoy :)

Image result for bajrangi bhaijaan

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

That Girl Tho

While I was scrolling my facebook , my eyes were glued to a post about my friend . After a while I didn't hear from her , her mother did post pictures about her departure to somewhere in States . What really make me want to talk about her is about her success . What success ?
Haaaa , meh dengar cek nak cita naaaaa .

Okay . Let me call her H to make it easier for me to tell the story . She was once my classmate in college . She is a silent , introvert , shy , not mixing well type of girl . Back then before we entered the college , there was interview for us . While waiting for my turn to be interviewed by the panels , we had to wait in a hall . At that time , my friends were not there with me because I was in a separate hall with them and I was a loner there . Trying not to be awkward , I tried to become friendly . She , H was sitting beside me . I took the chance to talk to her , well tried to be friendly . After talking to her for the first time , my first impression was , ' She couldn't make it' . The interview of course because she is ... I don't even know to explain this . Well it was just my first impression after some words I talked to her . But I judged to early .

Guess what ? She managed to pass the interview and became my classmate . Woahh . At first I didn't notice her much because she is such a shy girl . After a few weeks , I barely knew her because she was my classmate , and I got shocked at first because she managed to pass this . She did it . Days , weeks , months passed and we , my classmates were getting well together . But not her . She likes to be alone . Going to class alone , going to DS alone , everywhere alone . As classmates , we tried to get her along with us . Me too . I tried to talk to her , eat with her , walk with her but still , I couldn't . Till one day , I asked her ,

" Kenapa taknak masuk dengan kitaorg ?"
" Aku susah nak masuk dengan orang . Waktu aku kat sekolah dulu pun , 2 tahun baru aku boleh masuk dengan geng aku , waktu dah nak habis form 5 "

I only nod and smile . In class also , she was very passive . Well I was one of the passive student but then I still socialized with people but not her . She was strongly passive . Less socialized , loved to be alone .

During our TOEFL , she was also once a repeater like me . She didn't manage to pass that 90 just like me . But she managed to do it on her second attempt with TOEFL . Exactly 90 . To be honest , I really disbelieved at that time . My lecturer also . She once told me that she didn't expect that H could pass this exam . She was also shocked . With disbelieved , I came to her and asked about her marks on every sections .

Reading   : 28/30
Listening : 29/30

I just wowowowowoowowow . That was so high . Really high . Even though she didn't do well on her speaking and writing but with those high marks on that two sections , she managed to pass the requirement , that 90 . My eyes were bigger , my mouth was widely open . I do proud of her . Really proud .

Only then I remembered what my lecturer once told me about this .

Image result for focus on your strengths not your weaknesses

At first I was not sure about that because in my opinion , to get a good mark , we have to be good on every sections even on our weakness . We have to enhance our weakness . But then her achievement really opened my mind .

What I really want to tell are :
Firstly ,
We shouldn't judge anyone without knowing them well .
Secondly ,
Don't look down on other people .
Thirdly ,
Be humble .
Last but the most important ,
We have to focus more on what we are good at . Improve on that and you will get your success . Your weakness will be covered by your strength . Believe in you , yourself . Okay ? ;)

Image result for focus on your strengths not your weaknesses

Thursday, 7 January 2016

2016 : A New Start

In a couple of minutes , 7th day of 2016 will start . What ? Feeling like just yesterday you celebrated New Year with all the fireworks and stuffs ? Sorry , I am not into them . I don't celebrate New Year , I mean I don't even bother to watch the fireworks . Back then , pernahlah kot , excited nak tengok fireworks , well typical kids , now I am a grown up man . Those fireworks were just like a piece of sheet . serius bajet nak mati 

2016 was not started pretty well . Why ? It was only the beginning and I have to make a serious , big decision regarding to my future . Pretty hard , damn stress , I am crying plus dying at the same time . Hahaha . Okay tak , tipu jeh , Eheh .

Let's make this thing clear . I managed to further my study somewhere in USA but then I don't want to .

Kenapa ?
Peluang depan mata kot .
Serius ahh kau tak nak pergi ? "

First of all , hear me out kay ? Do judge after you read this .

At first , our appeal was rejected , but then it was approved . Yeayyyy . It was conditionally approved . After hardly discussing , I accepted the condition . But then , the HQ said that the possibility for us to fly early is very thin . We might have to fly on fall , which is about August / September . At that moment , I was like .... It is better for me to stay here , study locally . So I decided to study locally . I was determined to study locally without regretting my decision . But then , the very latest news said that we can fly at the end of March .

This was the hardest time for me . I was uncertain . To stay locally or study abroad . Istikharah semua dah , I was out with this decision , STAY . I told my mom about this , about my decision , Alhamdulillah , she respected it. She also said that it is better if I study locally as it will be easier for her to look up for me . Nampak kan , manja sungguh . Eheh .

Why did I enter this program if at the end I would choose to study locally ?
Eheh . Nice question . Well , everyone will go through this situation , which you will go through a wrong path . It is not actually a wrong path but it is a path that will teach you a very valuable lesson . My journey all the way last year , my entire nine months in the college was actually a lesson for me . I called it A LESSON YEAR . I learnt from my mistakes , fixed them and try not to repeat them again in the future .

Don't I feel regret ?
There's no point for me to regret . In fact , I am very glad that I had been there , going through all the hardship with my lovely friends . My entire nine months in the college had actually grown a much stronger me .

My future plan ?
Start a new life again from zero as an SPM leaver yet a stronger SPM leaver . Eheh .
I might be late a year from my batch but do I care ?
As long as I have the spirit . Yeah , learning is a lifetime process .


Don't need much just prayers from you guys so that I can easily further my study locally .
Do pray that I will be accepted to IPG and also IPTA soon  :)

Last but not least ,