Monday, 28 December 2015

Adios 2015

Wow ! In a blink of an eye , this 2015 will close its pages in another 3 days . So much to tell about this year . Tears , laughter , disappointment , failure . They were all in my 2015's pages . This 2015 really taught me a lot . It really grows me into a better yet a much tougher person . Do resist with all the obstacles , try much harder and lots more . Hahaha . in advance, thank you 2015 .

So basically , I spent most of my 2015 here , in this college . Where ? Guess where ? Hahaha. Don't want to tell you . I don't even know why but I really don't want to remember anything from this place . Why ? It hurts me so badly . Ever since I lived all this eighteen years , I thought that this place is such a terrible place and I shouldn't be here in the first place , Sorry to say , but I don't even know why I really don't like it here .


However , this place actually had gave me a really precious yet valuable lesson that I never get as I live for this eighteen years . You know what , I never feel such this failure until I was here . True , every cloud has its silver lining . All this while I always being on the top , I mean not that top but okay lah . Hahaha . Here , I learnt that you are not always on the top . To be honest , it really sucks to be on the bottom list , where all people looked down at you . Well , not looking down but lack of confident on you (?) Sorry , I don't know how to describe this . Hahaha . Since that , I put this one spirit inside me , I had had enough . It was enough for me to be once in the bottom . I should try harder and better next time so this thing will never ever ever be happen again .

Well , if you feel sad , you surely want to shout it aloud to someone kan ? Since in that college , I don't have my parents around , friends will take over that responsibility . One thing that makes me stand there for the entire nine months is my friends . I am very glad , very much glad to have such great friends around . They are my source of confidence , my supporting poles and also my shoulders to lean on . Even though we took shorter time to know each other , we had been such a great family . We laughed together , we cried together , we even did bad things together . Hahahaha . How I miss them damn much .

There are lots more to be told but then I think this was enough (kot) to summarize my 2015 . In a nutshell (skemanyaaaaa) , this 2015 is freaking disaster to me but with the presence of many lovely persons , it becomes such a great year as they give colors to my 2015's pages .

Favorite picture of 2015 

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