Thursday, 1 February 2018

Saitama 🙆

Ohh it is not that anime Saitama. It is just my boy, nicknamed Saitama. Not really his nickname but he got his name since he shaved his head tapak satu. Suddenly I want to brag about him since we are on a happy phase right now. Hehehehe.

If you read my earliest entries of blog, I once wrote about my best friend that always gave me motivations, the one who checked on my TOEFL result, the person that encouraged me during my hardest time, yesss it was him. My best friend is now my boy. Hmm I guess boy is not really suitable for him since he is going to turn 21 this month. Yeah, he is old so does his look.

About his look huh? Honestly, as his girlfriend I would like to say that he is not that handsome. If you look at him pun, your reaction gonna be, why him? My best friend once asked me, why on earth you choose him? Like there is no other man in this big, wide, sphere world to choose. Desperate sangat ke? Auchhh, it was hurt 💔 Well, that is the main function of best friend kan? To hurt you. But sokay guys, at last she gave me her blessing since she knew that I am happy with him. For now. 

It was unexpected to get to know him since we never been in the same school. Ever. And to know a stranger from different school never pops up in my head. It all started during Form 4 when my primary school's friend gave my number to him and he texted me. At that time, Whatsapp and other social medias were not that famous. I remembered he texted me and he once told me about his father death. At that time I was like, so? Like we know each other but on the same time I did feel sympathy for him. Come on, I do have feeling. 

As on that time we were in relationship (HAHAHAHAHA) with other people, we rarely  contact each other. He was just my 'hai hai and bye bye' type of friend. But we started to get close at the end of Form 5, as we changed spotted questions for our SPM. I guess, it was when we started to contact regularly since on that time we both dah kena tinggal dengan partner. Ehhh yeke? Tahlaaa, he rarely talked about his past, so I am not really sure about it. So there goes our friendship.

I started to study in Ledang for my preparation to go to oversea (but at last tak pergi pun) and it was my very critical year over my 18 years of life. I don't remember why on the first place I looked for him whenever I was in difficulty. It was comfortable to talk to him actually even though he was not that really responsive but I don't know, I just felt comfortable with him. I once cried to him over my result and up until now, I still feel ashamed about it. What did I think on that day? Ooomaigod, I can't brain it. Jatuh air muka, jatuh reputasi 😂

What make me attracted to him despite his not-so-handsome look?
As he said, love needs no reason. So there is no reason to like him, I just do 😎
I guess maybe because of his concern during my hard time makes me realize about his importance. The way he cares about me, the way he treats me, his silly jokes and his immature personality are the reasons to like him. Banyak je lagi tapi malas laa nak taip 😂

We are on a long distance relationship. Not really long actually as we stay in a same state but it is really hard plus impossible to meet him regularly because of some unavoidable reasons. We only met three times last year, but it's okay as distance makes love fonder kan?

Ohh he studies in UIA taking Civil Law. I told you, it is a real disaster to have an argument with him as he is the one who always wants to win and he is also can't see you (especially me) more than him. He does annoy me sometimes but frankly writing, it is cute to see him to react all the way being unsatisfied with things. Yaaa, and he cannot comfort me if I am merajuk with him. That is his greatest weakness. But sokay, I am immune to it and I can comfort myself now. Wow, I am an independent girlfriend.

It was really unexpected to be with him but somehow I am very grateful to meet such a good friend and also partner like him. Don't worry guys, I am going to delete this post if I am breaking up with him but that is the last thing to be done if I have to.

💬 Check this out to read about our meetings and to know about his first impression on me on our  very first meeting 👉HERE👈

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