Saturday, 10 February 2018

Idola's Day Out

After two consecutive core papers this semester, we need to release our stress so badly that we decided to have a trip to Melaka, The Historical City.  Ohh, last semester we went to A Famosa Resort for our long exam gap. At least for this semester, we were out from Alor Gajah district. Since we are young and broke (not dumb k), we can't afford to go further than Melaka but maybe who knows we might go somewhere out of Melaka next semester? 

Okay let's just straight to the point since I know that I have been writing too much lately. Our first stop for breakfast was to Roti Canai Kayu Arang. Heee, not sure actually where it was but pretty sure it is located before Melaka Sentral if you are from Alor Gajah and it is on your left side of the road. Where? Just google it guys. 

Breakfast 🍴
It was our first time there and one of my friend, our driver, whose nickname is Melaka, said that the place is very crowded especially on weekends but since we went on weekday, there was not so much but still much people having breakfast there. The plain roti canai there was the best, I can guarantee you. It is soft and tender and it was so satisfying. The food price is also cheap as the plain roti canai only cost you 80 sen. I really recommend you to go there if you are on Melaka looking for a good breakfast.

Next, it is a compulsory place to visit if you are on Melaka, the A Famosa. Since I have been 'hiking' the place many time, there is nothing to excite me other than the scenery when you are on the top. Luckily that day was damp and lightly raining, so we didn't sweat much. We took pictures and then we went down to Bangunan Merah and more pictures were taken. The perk of having us was we took pictures too much that we had to stop at every place at least 10 minutes. Girls guys 💁

The scenery 💜
Later we continued our journey to Jonker Walk. We were looking for some Hokkaido ice cream and we got lost. What made it more unlucky was we found out that the place had been closed for a long time. Yeah, what a waste of energy looking for something that did not exist anymore but sokay, we had much fun along our walk across the street. There were many shops on your right and left and you just had to choose either to stop by or pass by the shops. Ohh, the street arts also excited us as it was the best place to take more and more selfies.

We had our lunch in Tapperz Cafe, if I am not mistaken and it was in Dataran Pahlawan Mall. The place serves western food and the price is also affordable for students like us. On our way back, we stopped by the guns and they were doing a dancing show featuring Sunmi Gashina. One of the Chinese uncle saw their dance and he had became a huge fan of Raihana 😂

Our next stop was to Mango Float Royale. I had been asking Saitama to bring me there but  he said that the place is full of his relatives and his neighbors that he was afraid gossip might spread all over the place. Fine then. At last, I managed to be there without him. Yasss, the mango float is the best out of other places.

And the last stop which was also the highlight of the day was to have Ikan Bakar. I don't remember what was the name of the place but it is located in Alai kot? It was a big feast for us and we enjoyed the food much as it costed us almost RM 300 but it was all worthy for 9 people.

The 12 hours (more than that actually) journey was a real excitement as it brought us closer. Ohh we rented an Exora which at first we were not really sure that we can fit in all nine there but we managed it guys. Looking forward for another day out 😆

Idola 👭

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