Friday, 26 January 2018

The Piggie, The Goat and The Monkey

Why all animals? Am I going to write about the zoo or are we learning about the sound of animals here?

A pig sounds hik hok, while a goat, mmmbekkk and a monkey? 
Ohohoh uuuu-aaaa-hihihihi (read in intonation of a monkey)

What's with all these animals?
I did not remember whose the one that came out with all these animals thingy but I guess it all started with Emma, a beautiful yet not having a beautiful attitude, retarded person. So eventually, all of us represents an animal. Emma as the piggie, Mira as the goat and Tirah as the monkey. Ohh there is another person, who is Asyi as the gorilla. Me? Well I am the Rapunzel :)

As Mira is requesting me to describe my friends on my next entry, so let's describe all these retarded animals in the zoo.

Disclaimer : I described this randomly. There is no ranking or whatsoever as I love them equally. 

Emma The Piggie 🐖

The very first friend in class. First impression? Hmm, fair, pretty, as soft as cotton. 
100th impression? I am speechless.

She is my closest competitor among us. To be honest, I cannot see her more than me especially in studies. In other thing, fine laaa she is much prettier than me but in studies, I am the one who is the prettiest. She is such a talkative person and she loves to share about her chaotic, noisy family. It was nice to listen to her stories as they gave  us some meaningful lessons in life mostly regarding to family matters. 

Frankly writing, she has a charm personality that makes people easily getting attached to her. She is friendly, kind and what not? Those are what people going to say if they know Emma by pass. But if you know her closely, a big NO man. She is not as what you just described. In fact, she is the most retarded person among us but somehow she is the one that brings the light? hmm that brings happiness with her annoying-ness.

Other than that, Emma is also known as the queen of selfie (muka lawa boleh laa sembang). Whenever she has a leisure time, she will spend it with a ton of selfies. Yeah, when she is bored in class also, selfie is a must. Before she started using her Oppo F5, just mentioned, whose phone never become her victim? It was a disaster to transfer all the pictures into laptop as the phone is full of only her selfies on the same angle and reaction.

In short, she is pretty but having a haram attitude. That's why she is called the piggie because she is haram.

Mira The Goat 🐐

Also known as Mira 3L = Lemah, Lembut, Lembab
First impression? Hmm, she looks like a religious person.

Well, she is. She is the most religious person among us. It doesn't mean that we are not religious enough but she is extra religious only by her way of dressing. Other than that, she is not. Mira is super clingy with Emma and sometimes we (me and Tirah) feel like watching a lesbian movie when they act geli-gelan together. 

Along with her nickname Mira 3L, she is a very slow person. How to explain her slowness huh? She is like very slow slow slow. Hahahahaha, tak, tipu je, She did very well in her study, no worries guys but in other things, yes she is super slow. She is the one who always getting bullied among us. Honestly, it is a real satisfaction to see her speechless in our arguments.

Despite all those not-so-bad descriptions, she is the most matured person among us. It's true when people said, age doesn't define maturity. All of them are younger than me but they act more maturely than an elder person like me. Sometimes I do feel like I am younger than them, Mira especially. But do I care? Age means nothing.

Mira has that motherly attitude that makes us feel like home. She is the one who will prepare our breakfast, cook our maggies, wash our dishes and she even pours drinks for us. It sounds more like a maid right? But sokay, Mira is okay with all that. She has a consideration according to section 2(d) of Contract Act 1950, under exception to general rule of section 26(b), consideration of past voluntarily act done. 😎

Tirah The Monkey 🐒

It is a hard thing to describe her but I'll try.
First impression? None.

Tirah is Mira's roommate. Okay done.😂

The K-poppers among us and she managed to attract the other two (Emma and Mira) to get into Kpop too. Luckily, I am still safe from all this but yesterday I just checked on Sunmi Gashina just because they crazily trying to copy the dance lately.

One thing I adore about her is her ability to study while watching drama. Reading law plus drama? Only Atirah can do that. On the outside, I can describe her as a tough (?) person  as she is the only daughter in her family, yeah she is a little bit rough but deep inside she is such a soft hearted girl that will cry while watching drama and after being brain-washed by Emma and Mira.

Tirah is also my bed mate. Every weekend, not really every, only when my roommates are going home (sometimes when my roommates are around also), I will stay at their room and yes, I sleep with her on the same bed since there were only two beds in the room. She is the alarm clock for us. We are highly dependent on her to wake up for subuh  especially on weekend. Atirah is late, so do us. So it is not a good thing for us when she is on her period.

No one dares to argue with her. When she said A, all of us will agree. She just have that firm personality that makes us not afraid but just hmm afraid to argue with her. If she said so, okay, that's it.

Ohhh Atirah also is my beauty consultant. Since she has the most flawless skin among us, I appointed her as my beauty consultant. She is the one that introduced me to Hermo, skincare products, lipstick color, sunblock and other things related to beauty with hope, I'll get as flawless as her.

Love story huh? I really love her love story even though they (the guy and her) are not a real lover yet but I do love their love storyline. It makes us feel like being on her place having the same flowery feelings. Awww, I kenot laaa.


Our first meet was in front of Tun Hamzah's staircase on the first day of class. Well, I should say it was a historical meeting that brings us today. I once said to my boyfriend, if I had to choose him or my friends, I will choose them. Sorry but boyfriend can be looked for but real friends?

It is true that friends come and go but yeahh, they are my diploma's friends and I should appreciate them as much as I could since I might not find anybody else like them on the other part of the world. 

Take a guess of which one is them based on my description 😉

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