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Persatuan Bahasa Melayu and The Monkey?

Episode : Ditabrak Anuar

In case you don't know what 'ditabrak' is, according to myKamus, 'ditabrak' is defined as being hit or getting crashed or having accident or anything else that have the same meaning with the meaning. You got it? Alright cool 😎

It all started when Mira and Tirah were assigned as games organizer for our very first event, Jalinan Kasih, Titian Kasih, something like that laa. The event was a collaboration of PBM with SK Tebong, Selandar if I am not mistaken to get to know Orang Asli students in the area. Actually the school is like a normal primary school but it has a minority of Orang Asli students.

Since they (Mira and Tirah) were assigned as the game organizer, Farah and Emma will always get clingy onto them since we don't actually had any work to bother about. Long story short, there was one night when the KP (Head of Project) saying something about who wanted to buy all the necessaries for the event and somehow Farah showed up and volunteering to it despite she didn't have any car or whatsoever.

As Farah had volunteered to buy all the things, there was no turning back man. They (Tirah, Mira, Emma) looked at me big small, big small at that time. Wanted it or not, they had to follow Farah no matter what. So we planned to go together and rent a car. Coincidentally, the night before the incident, Mr President showed up and said they wanted to follow us. What a bless 😊 At least there was someone that we could put our trust on. 

On the incident day, we went out at nine but as usual, Mr President was late. Next we had our breakfast at Bistro Alor Gajah, went to Cowboy, Econsave, looking for masjid as Mr President had to pray his Jumaat and buying plants before going back. And that was the end of our happy day.

On our way back to UiTM, 


Oh shit! Someone hit our small, rented, white Viva. Luckily it was only a small accident and the car was not really bad and the one who hit us? Ohh, he had a big, 9 years installment (I guess) silver Hyundai car. Since he had an imported car, his car was not affected at all. but our car? The bumper cracked a bit. 

Mr President with his shit-why-you-hit-the-car-now face took a look at the bumper and had a conversation with the Hyundai's driver named Anuar.

"Tapi bang, ni kereta sewa"
"Takpe dik, nanti adik pulangkan adik tak payah cakap pasal bumper tu. Ni abang bagi nombor, papehal nanti suruh pemilik kereta sewa call abang"

Haaa, like that laaa the conversation went through and the driver went to his work. His brain. Did he thought that the owner won't check the car after we returned it? Haihh, luckily he left us his phone number. 

Mr President drove the car with all the serabut-ness and the car actually gave out sound after being hit. So we decided to call the owner of the car and told her everything about the accident. Sakit juga laa telinga dengar the owner membebel about the police, getting sued bla bla bla bla. 

Long story short, we asked the owner to meet Anuar at his workplace to settle down this serabut-ness. After many hours of waiting for the owner since he got lost to get there, finally, we got a compensation of RM50. Yeah, Anuar just gave the note in front of his workplace with the owner as the witness only from far. Like what was the function to bring the owner? It was much easier to just gave us that money from the beginning?

Done with that, the owner brought us to a workshop and guess what guys? To fix the bumper just need a little effort and it was FREE OF CHARGE. At the time the amoi fixed it with a hit of a hammer, we were so stunned. Ohhh, just like that? Amazing. Well I guess that was our rezeki after all. 

In conclusion, we had McD with the money from the hit 🙆

To be honest, it was a bless to have Mr President to join us in buying the necessaries. I can't imagined if there were only us during the accident. We would not be able to act as cool as him. This incident actually had brought us closer, from a stranger to a friend and we even have Whatsapp group together. Thanks to Farah for volunteering if not, we wont be able to have this great memory 😎

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