Thursday, 25 January 2018

Best Semester So Far?

Apparently I had just finished my third semester a week ago. Heads up guys! It's already the third one which means, yeah there are only another two semesters to go through. And surely they are going to be tough plus challenging plus happier? Well, we'll see then.

Best semester so far huh? 
Well, I admit it for now. Third semester was a bless.
With good friends around, boyfriend, family, lecturers, what else?

I was having so much fun this semester and basically it was all because of my sick,crazy, mentally- retarded friends. If you followed my ig you must have known them. My ig was full of their stories, everyday. Yeah, there was not a single day went by without their faces. 

Why not?
Every single day, going to class with them, lunch with them, dinner with them, studying with them,  jogging with them (sometimes), sleeping with them, and don't be surprised. we also getting bathed together. Luckily there are only two showers in the toilet, if not, we were going to bath all four together. How clingy were we right?

The past two semesters, we were not this close, we were just this cloooose. Can you see the difference? Thanks to Tirah and Mira for being roommates, we spend much time together. Only then I realized, distance made us apart. Hahahaha tetiba. 

Ohh, we also participated in Persatuan Bahasa Melayu. 
Persatuan Bahasa Melayu? Accounting? NO correlation at all. Well, I did not remember whose idea it was but i think it was mine, I guess? Or Mira? Whose idea it was, there was no regret. At all. We enjoyed the club much. Since the president of the club is an accounting student, we mixed well in the club even though most of the members are Office Management's students and they looked unsatisfied when we were in that club, but who cares right? Later on if I have the mood, I'll write about our only activity, which was visiting Orang Asli's school and some of Atirah's love story.

And Idola's outing for this semester was to Jonker Walk plus having ikan bakar near my hometown. Like no other place to go? It had became a must-do outing for Idola every semester. No lah, just started in the second semester and hopefully it will continue until the last semester. Bukan apa, to strengthen the bond kan? Hehehe. About this Idola's outing also, I'll write on the next entry. Hopefully. :)

While I had just finished my third semester, my friends at my age had done their last semester of diploma. Sometimes, to look at them, honestly, I envied them. If I did well in the past, I might have done my diploma too. But don't worry, no regret guys. I was blessed with a lot of people that make me enjoyed my diploma's life. If I had my last semester today, I might not meet my friends and not enjoying my life as well as now. He is such a great planner. #emosi

Just an extra, I met my ex,  sekarang dah member daa and we had a cup of Milo ais plus nasi bujang just to catch up with each other's life. There was no point to not be friend since we were classmates once. So, we are good now. 

Okay then. Those were the highlights for this semester. Gonna write more soon. Maybe. 

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