Thursday, 27 October 2016

1st Done

Yeayyyyy. Already done for one semester. Another four semesters to hit. What a long journey huhh. Pray me hard please.This semester ended so fast like there is no other tomorrow. Ye, tahu cliche tapi nak taip juga.
Aha, four months in Lendu was so great even though it was just my first semester. Well, can you imagine it was only my first semester and it had been very great, the next, next, next semesters also will be super awesome great, kan? 

I hope so.

I barely can believe it. The first time I stepped into Lendu, I had nobody. Just myself and also my dream to success. I literally had no one. I didn't know anyone there except me. I retype, NOBODY. 
My first thought there was, 

"How can I survive here"
"Ouh man. Most of them are younger than me"
"Will they accept me as their clique"
"It's okay laaa kot to be alone"

So I prepared myself to be alone. #foreverloner but who expects that my first thoughts were just thoughts. I got along with my roommates very well as well as my classmates. Everything was just fine and we had a great semester. 

I totally became not the old me. For those who really knows me before can compare myself before and after. The old me just a silent, passive person who love to stay silent and always silent and just talking whenever needed. Well, not that really silent but can be considered as a shy person.

But ever since I went to Lendu, I changed 180 degree as I am now a very talkative, happy go lucky person in my class. I don't even know why and how I can be like that but it's okay. I love myself now. I once told my friends how I was back then in school, how shy, silent person I was. 
They were like,

"Ah kau, membongak je lebih. Pe kejadah kau yang bising camnih, waktu sekolah senyap"

And I was, okay. I don't need your trust. HAHA. 
My old school friends also did notice it. They were like,

"Dulu kau tak macam ni"

Well, I guess, the environment changed me. Takpun maybe because I love Lendu much(?). Haha. No, I have become matured actually to think that I have to be outstanding to compete with the students by getting talkative = higher self confidence.   

Baca post ni pun rasa macam self confidence tinggi sangat macam semua puji diri sendiri jeh. Hehehe.

Apa-apa pun terima kasih kepada minah-minah bawah ni for everything. 

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