Sunday, 20 March 2016

Fun Ride

Actually I have tons of school work to be done but then I choose to write on my blog since I haven't update it for a long long long time. I guess you might miss me right? Ehhh, just admit it. It's okay. I understand . 

Fine, I am talking to myself like anyone ever bother to visit my blog. Hmmm. *sad 

Well I was too busy all these weeks till I don't have much time for myself, for the blog, for you. Hahaha. I was too lazy actually. Super duper triple lazy. Even to pick up the pen beside me I have to ask for help from my little brother who was far away in his room. Can you feel my laziness ?  

So I would like to share some of my experiences riding all the crazy stuffs in Times Square Theme Park. Just a bit of information, Times Square Theme Park is the largest indoor theme park in Malaysia, where it can be found in Berjaya Times Square. Can you imagine? A theme park in a shopping mall? 

While you are busy shopping, suddenly you hear people screaming frantically. 
Tak ke terbantut nak shopping? 
That was actually my first impression when my friends ask me to experience the theme park but most of the time, I was afraid. Hahaha. Why? To be honest, I am a person who really afraid of high. Furthermore, I also easily feel dizzy if something moving around frequently. 

I was travelling all the way from Muar to KL just to experience the crazy stuffs in the theme park and luckily they were not disappointing. After having our lunch, here we go! Let's experience the theme park. Yeahhh .

As we were just finished our lunch, my friend suggested us to ride the least dizzy ride, which my friend, herself called that ride "Ombak Rindu" as when you ride on it, you will feel the breeze, like you are on a ship. Haha. What a brilliant her , kan ? 

 Oort's Express

Oort's Express
Oort’s Express is capable of speeding up to 17 round per minute. So be sure to throw your hands up in the air as this whacky adrenaline junkie version of a traditional merry-go-round takes you for a speeding ride

Next we rode this thing. At first I resisted to ride on this as I already felt a great dizzy but then my friend forced me to as she said, it was a waste to not ride all the stuffs since I had already paid quite much to get in. 

Dizzy Izzy 

Dizzy Izzy
Get Dizzy with Izzy on the Dizzy Izzy ride! A spinning, spider-like machine that calls for 40 passengers to join in on a spin of a lifetime.

Another great dizzy and I felt like vomiting luckily I was not. Next was this thing. As my friends understood that I can't stand more the spinning, they said that it was okay if I don't ride this thing.

DNA Mixer 

DNA Mixer
A crazy gondola that loops forward & backwards while tilting from side to side. 21 test subjects are needed to be a part of Professor Cosmo's whacky experiments.

To see them on the gondola had actually freaked me out. 
Next to ease our dizziness, we try the bumper cars. Well, this was the ride that I enjoyed the most at that time. Finally, no spinning around. Haha.

Robo Crash

Robo Crash
Always dreaming to be the fiendish villain in a car chase? Want to test your skills dodging other bumper cars? Here’s your chance to crash in to all of your friend’s ride in a safe & controlled environment. 

And this was the highlight of the day. The roller coaster. Yeayyyy. After that bumper car crashing, my fear to the roller coaster lost eventually like a magic. Wow.

Supersonic Odyssey

Supersonic Odyssey
For those looking to prove their worth as a true blue adrenaline junkie, there is no better ride than the Supersonic Odyssey. It is Asia-Pacific's longest multiple-inverted roller coaster that is 800 meters long & runs at a top speed of 80KM/H.

Okay, I just knew that the speed reaches 80km/h. So fast. My friend recorded the time, which it took almost 2 minutes to finish the 800m road but frankly speaking, I didn't feel like 2 minutes. It happened just in a blink of an eyes.
And that was how I spent my weekend. Eheh. I do recommend you to experience all these. It's worth in your lifetime. Haha. Apa aku merepek ni. 

p/s: The italic one , I copied them from google. Thank you Mr. G :)


  1. Ahh just had a scary roller coaster ride too on Legoland last week with colleagues, and we learnt some tips of not being afraid from riding roller coaster.. and it really works!
    I used to be afraid of riding roller coaster but now I can go for the same ride like 3 times already continuously, and that's like the limit for my body though..

    Wanna know the tips?

    1. Yeahh, sure. It's a pleasure to learn some tips from you. Who knows, i will ride on roller coaster again in the future. Eheh.