Saturday, 6 February 2016

First Week

Finally it's a wrap for this week's school days . Usually I'll be going to sleep latest by 12 am but since this is weekend , there is no wrong for me to sleep a little bit late . Well , I am just enjoying my weekends while I can . Eheh . It was totally an exhausting week for me as I have started my work as a temporary teacher . As I am waiting for the universities intake , I bet it is worthy for me to experience a new thing . Kan ?

I had been ordered to replace a teacher who is on her labour leaves for likely three months . The teacher teaches Special Education (Pendidikan Khas) so I have to replace her on that class . Special Education is an education focusing on special students . Special students can be defined as students who have disabilities including those students who have mental disability , learning problems , emotions and behaviors disturbance , communication distraction (speaking and language) , deaf , blind or having a low sight , physical disabilities and also genius students . Okay , I translated this meaning exactly from  Malay wikipedia . Forgive me if you don't clear about that . Well , I am not that good in translating Malay to English . Eheh .

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As I teach these special students , surely the obstacles faced are different from teaching normal students . I have to be more patience especially to endure with their behaviors . So , in that school , there are three classes of Special Education . A class for Year 1 and 2 , a class for Year 3 and the other class is for Year 5 . So far I haven't face any big problems from students who are in Year 3 and Year 5 as they had already grown up and can handle themselves greatly . This is opposite to Year 1 and 2 class . Even though there are only 7 students in that class , it feels like I am teaching 20 persons at that time . Well , can you imagine how chaotic is that ? No , I know you can't imagine it as you are not in my shoes . Hahahahahahaha .

I had met this one student , named Qalesya from Year 1 and 2 class . She looks normal but she have problem to focus in class . I was teaching only for a minute and she had already felt boring about that . To be clear , it is not I'm the one who can't teach but she is the one who can't focus too long . Trying to defend myself before you say something . Eheh . Okaylah , I have to admit that I can't teach very well as I am only an SPM leaver and I don't have any experience of teaching people . Yeah , I need to learn more . I know . Back to that Qalesya , she would find anything else to do after she feels boring on that learning . For example I am teaching Mathematics in that class , after a couple of minutes , she will get up and blabbering to herself . Yeah , she is talkative . A very talkative person . Wow , to handle her you will need a really big effort . However , even though she is that way , she appreciates her teachers very well . Every day , before she goes home , she will hug every single teachers in that class saying that she loves them . Awwww , so sweet kan ? I bet there is no normal students will do that to their teachers . So do I . If there is one , he/she really earns my respect .

There are lots more to be shared but then I had already felt sleepy .
It was tough yet a really interesting week . Just looking at their actions and also the way they tell a story surely can brighten up my day .
I am looking forward for the school to start soon :)

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