Monday, 28 December 2015

Adios 2015

Wow ! In a blink of an eye , this 2015 will close its pages in another 3 days . So much to tell about this year . Tears , laughter , disappointment , failure . They were all in my 2015's pages . This 2015 really taught me a lot . It really grows me into a better yet a much tougher person . Do resist with all the obstacles , try much harder and lots more . Hahaha . in advance, thank you 2015 .

So basically , I spent most of my 2015 here , in this college . Where ? Guess where ? Hahaha. Don't want to tell you . I don't even know why but I really don't want to remember anything from this place . Why ? It hurts me so badly . Ever since I lived all this eighteen years , I thought that this place is such a terrible place and I shouldn't be here in the first place , Sorry to say , but I don't even know why I really don't like it here .


However , this place actually had gave me a really precious yet valuable lesson that I never get as I live for this eighteen years . You know what , I never feel such this failure until I was here . True , every cloud has its silver lining . All this while I always being on the top , I mean not that top but okay lah . Hahaha . Here , I learnt that you are not always on the top . To be honest , it really sucks to be on the bottom list , where all people looked down at you . Well , not looking down but lack of confident on you (?) Sorry , I don't know how to describe this . Hahaha . Since that , I put this one spirit inside me , I had had enough . It was enough for me to be once in the bottom . I should try harder and better next time so this thing will never ever ever be happen again .

Well , if you feel sad , you surely want to shout it aloud to someone kan ? Since in that college , I don't have my parents around , friends will take over that responsibility . One thing that makes me stand there for the entire nine months is my friends . I am very glad , very much glad to have such great friends around . They are my source of confidence , my supporting poles and also my shoulders to lean on . Even though we took shorter time to know each other , we had been such a great family . We laughed together , we cried together , we even did bad things together . Hahahaha . How I miss them damn much .

There are lots more to be told but then I think this was enough (kot) to summarize my 2015 . In a nutshell (skemanyaaaaa) , this 2015 is freaking disaster to me but with the presence of many lovely persons , it becomes such a great year as they give colors to my 2015's pages .

Favorite picture of 2015 

Last but not least , click HERE to know more about my persons of 2015

Sunday, 6 December 2015

(( Positive Vibes ))

Nampak tak tajuk ada (((( )))) ? Actually tu nak buat acah-acah wave, nak bagi positive wave kat korang. Sweet kan I ? Hahahaha. I watched National Geography just now, a documentary about how by being positive we can change our life into a better one. How by being positive we can have a better day and we can improve ourselves. They also had proved it through a social experiment and it make me feel,

" Wow ! How by thinking positively it can change my entire day . I have to be positive everyday !"

Over kan ? But that is real. Let me tell you about the social experiment. So they did a social experiment in Los Angeles, which is a popular place to gamble. They called out a few couple of tourists to do the experiment and each of them will be given 50 bucks after they had done it. So each of the couple was given a task.

EXPERIMENT 1 : Body Posture/Expression

One person had to do a sad face while the other one had to make a happy face.

Person 1 :

Image result for sad people

Person 2 :

Image result for HAPPY people

After that each of them were given 50 bucks and they had to decide whether they wanted to just keep the money or to double up the money by gambling. Guess what ? 99% of person one tend to just keep the money but almost all of person two want to double it as they had the confident to gamble and yes, they made the money double !

Let's make this thing clear. Here we can see that person one, who had to do a sad face tend to just keep the money as they don't have the confident in themselves while person two, who had to act happily can take the risk of gambling as they were very confident to do that. Our body posture actually can affect our day. Be happy friends. There a lot of joy waiting for us everyday.

Image result for HAPPY people

By spreading our arms like a winner also can send positive vibes to ourselves.

Positive tips : 
Wake up everyday by spreading your arms while smiling and say to yourself that today is going to be another great day !

Let's go to next social experiment.

EXPERIMENT 2 : Surrounding Support

In this experiment, a few volunteers had been called to try basketball. They were given 10 shoots each without no one around. There were people who were very good in basketball but they were also who did not. So they took a volunteer, who did not able to make any shoots and also the best shooter.

Image result for basketball shooter

Person 1 : 0 shoot
Person 2 : 9 shoots

After that they had to close their eyes by black cloth and they had to shoot again twice. There were also audiences to send vibes to them.

Person 1 :
People kept cheering even though she did not shoot any .

Person 2 :
People kept booing him .

Next they had to do another 10 shoots with open eyes, like the first time.

Person 1 : 4 shoots
Person 2 : 5 shoots

Well you can see right ? How the surrounding can affect us ?
Person one who at first could not make any shoots was able to shoots 4 times after she got the positive vibes from the audiences as people kept cheering for her even though when her eyes were closed, she did not able to shoot any.While person two who was the best shooter was only able to shoot 5 times as they audiences kept booing him. They actually had gave a negative vibes to him, that's why he was not able to do his best

Based on this experiment, it showed how surrounding can affect our day. That's why we have to really choose our friends. We have to choose friends which can cheer us out even though we have a big problems so that we can go through our day with full of enthusiasm at the same time we can face the problems bravely and together looking for the solutions.

In conclusion , let's

Image result for stay positive

p/s : First time buat entry almost tak rojak dan serius serta bermanfaat (kot) Hehehe.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Cause They LOVE Me

Memandangkan malam ni malam Jumaat, maka eloklah kiranya saya berkongsi sedikit perihal keagamaan. Semoga kita sama-sama mendapat iktibar serta manfaat daripada post yang bakal saya taip ini . *cakap persis dai'e*

So this morning I got shocked when my seven year-old brother advice me about "aurat". Secara jujurnya , aku malu sebab adik aku yang baru darjah satu tegur aku tentang agama. But if we look from the other side, I actually quite proud with him because he knows what is good and what is not. At least I know that my parents have gave him the right lesson. Eheh.

I have this bad habit (?) since I was in form 1, no since the primary school actually but then , who cares kan ?  Waktu tuh aku masih kanak-kanak, baligh pun tak lagi. maka aku tidak mementingkan perihal pakaian, I mean, kurang mementingkan perihal ini. Nak keluar pakai apa suka hati lah, as long as it is not too obvious or not too much. Haaa. But since I have growing older I realize that I have to take seriously on this but there is one thing, yeahh one thing that I can't avoid to do it. What ?
Haaaa, curious kan ?

Image result for guy folding sleeves

Hey, no ! Don't look at that handsome guy. But wait ! Omaigod, I must admit that this guy, who I randomly picked from Google is sooooo handsome. Eheh. Dear future husband, please be like him, that hair. Awwwww. *acah melting* 

Okay,okay. Let's back to our topic. *sambil beristighfar* . Yeah, that's it. What ? Tak dapat lagi ? Asal lambat sangat nih ? Eheh. That guy's shirt's sleeves is folded. Once again I must admit that a guy with that fashion is so adorable. *another tips for my future husband* It might seem normal for guys to fold their shirt's sleeves like that but not for a woman or specifically a Muslim woman. 

Aku sangat suka untuk tarik lengan baju secara sedar mahupun tidak sedar . Well, for a Muslim woman it is a must for us to cover ourselves except for the face and also our palms. Obviously it is wrong for us if we show other than that. Tapi, yelaa kadang-kadang panas kan, jadi secara tak sengaja aku akan tarik lengan baju sampai atas. Kay, tak atas sangat, tapi sikit lah. Haha.

So that morning, I went to an expo at MITC, *you guys should come here, there are lots of free food* while my family and I were walking around, looking at the booths , secara tak sengaja, aku tarik lengan baju. Guess what ? Adik aku, Azhar tarik balik lengan baju aku tutup tangan sambil kata,

" Tutup ni, nampak aurat "

Aku terkesima dan sepanjang perjalanan dalam tuh, aku pastikan aku tak sinsing lengan. Wow, what a great impact kan ? Hahahaha. Aku teringat zaman sekolah aku dulu. Dulu, waktu kat sekolah , aku memang suka sinsing lengan nih. Boleh dikatakan, ramai juga lah yang tegur perangai aku ni. Mula-mula rasa macam, ehhh, suka hati lah. Diri aku. Sibuk je. But then, I realized they love me actually, tu yang selalu tegur.

Cikgu homeroom merangkap cikgu Bahasa Melayu zaman menengah rendah aku merupakan seorang yang sangat warak. Beragama dan sangat anti perempuan. Sebagai pencerahan, dia bukan anti perempuan tetapi tidak suka perempuan yang berpakaian tidak sopan. Nampak kesalahan pada seorang perempuan, kesemua perempuan dikutuknya. * terus baku bahasa* Aku tak bermaksud nak kutuk cikgu aku, but then this is the truth. *maaf cikgu* . Nak dijadikan cerita, satu hari homeroom aku ada perjumpaan. Sedang kami berbual, berbincang mengenai hal-hal semasa, aku tertarik lengan baju kurung aku. Dengan tidak semena-mena cikgu terus cakap,

" Haaa, awak. Cantik sangat ke bulu-bulu kat lengan awak tu ? "

Aku yang tak tahu apa-apa, terpaku. Cikgu tegur aku ke ?

" Lain kali pakai hand socks "

Aku hanya mengangguk and since that day, if there is Bahasa class on that day, we, the girls will wear hand socks . Nampak hipokrit kan ? But then we change gradually. from wearing it only when there is a Bahasa class to wear it everyday. What a great improvement kan ?

Just to make this thing clear, people advise us because they care, they love. My little brother's action showed that he loves me, so do my teacher's words. Teguran Allah comes in every ways. What we should do is to open our heart dan jangan mudah melenting apabila ditegur. Teguran itu menjadikan kita lebih baik pada masa hadapan. Eh, dah boleh ambil borang dai'e nih. HAHAHAHA.