Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Tough Life

Everything that happens in our life has its own reason. Good things, bad things, they come with their own reasons, Its us, the one who should seek for the reasons. Failing to fulfill the TOEFL requirement to fly. Huh, surely very sad right ?

On the day the result was announced, I had determined, if United States is the best place for me, then I will pass the TOEFL, if not, Malaysia is just a right place for me to pursue my study. Early in the morning when I got an email from the ETS stating that our results can be checked, I felt very...Its actually a feeling that cannot be described, mixing altogether. I have the instinct that I will not pass the 90 needed, then I decided to text my best friend and asked him to check out my result. Quite coward right? And as expected, the result was, yeah, 4 more to achieve that 90. To be honest, I am surprise but not really surprise with that result, as expected, suit with my little effort. Little ? emmm.

That morning we had English class with madam and she actually asked us, the one who did not pass the TOEFL to retake the exam. Me when madam told us to retake it, I felt like, " I am not sure if I will able to pass this exam again," Then I decided to not retake the examination. I don't even try but I already give in. Right ? But after considering my parents' opinions, some of my classmates' opinions and also doing istikhrah, I got a clue that I actually have to stay here, in Malaysia. 

To my class representative, Adlan, sorry. 

To my dear classmates, do enjoy your study in US.

To my best buddies, Wana, Bihaa, Farah Amy, Zati, Mira, 

It is okay if we are being labeled as quiet students in our class, but at the end, all of us will success just like them. Prove to them that we actually success in silence. Eheh. 
And good luck for your next TOEFL. Do fly, so I can smile :)

p/s : Wana is missing .

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