Wednesday, 10 June 2015


" Failure can teach us lessons that success cannot "

This is also a quote that one of my best friends gave me when I told her about my failure. 
This quote told us that there is something valuable in a failure that success don't that make us a better person in the future. Something that we can learn to improve ourselves. Being forever in a success does not make us appreciate what a real success is. The way we struggle, the obstacles we have gone through, the bad saying from others people have made us strong and have made us appreciate more our success. 

Praised to Him, my friend and I had done our TPO yesterday's evening. Quite sad because I didn't pass the minimum requirement to fly, which I should get 90 and above but unluckily I got 6 less than the requirement. But it's okay. It just a TPO and InsyaaAllah I will improve on my real TOEFL soon. Fighting !!

So, as the holidays are coming soon, surely, I have to struggle during the holidays. But it's okay. To get a real success, we have to sacrifice. SACRIFICE. Hopefully this is not just a big talk. I will improve my TOEFL this holidays. I will .

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