Friday, 24 April 2015

#8 Movie Highlight

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People said this movie is awesome, humorous, everyone should watch this movie. Yeah, they are really damn true. This movie is truly fantastic, fast and furious. No doubt this movie already has until 7. Wow! Amazed right? Actually I never watched the Fast and Furious movie before. The 1,2 and so on and I just jumped into the 7th movie. Extreme right? After watching the seventh movie, I felt very exuberant to find on the first till the 6th movie but till now I still can't find all of that. Really lachrymose right ?

From this movie, I had learnt a very important value in life. BROTHERHOOD. There's a dialogue in the movie saying that " I don't have friends, I got family." It shows the real value of friendship which we should not assume our friends as only a friend but also as part of our family. We have to really appreciate and love them as we love our family, 

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However, one of the actor in this movie, who is Paul Walker also known as Brian in this movie had already died. At the last part of this movie there's a short video clip showing about their journey together from the first until this seventh movie and it was really touched. To rest in peace, Paul Walker.

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p/s : Watching this movie with my fast and furious friends. 

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