Thursday, 19 March 2015

#7 Movie Highlight :


I am really, really, really love that Bay Max. It is such a very fluffy, cute, innocent creature in the world. My seven-year-old brother also loves this movie very much even though he can't understand English well.
Shortly, this movie is about a boy who is a genius and wanted to be chosen to go into a university at  a young age. He had created a chip that can combine with other chips to become a thing that we think. His brother had created Bay Max, the white creature as a robot doctor. Bay Max can heal sick person. Unfortunately, his brother dead in a fire and Bay Max had left for him. He upgraded Bay Max to become more than a robot doctor. To get the full story, do watch this movie and I can guarantee you that you will never, never, never ever regret watching this movie.
This movie had taught me about friendship, brotherhood and also creativity on doing thing. I really recommend this movie to other. Therefore, this is also a family movie, which every person in the family can watch this together at a leisure time :)

Naaaaa. I treat you more and more pictures of this white, cute, fluffy, innocent, caring creature.

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