Sunday, 1 February 2015

#2 Review of Where Rainbow End

Here is the novel that I have read the entire week. For me, the novel is really amazing as it is a little bit different from other novel because it is in a type of conversation, emailing, and also letter, which the dialogue are only in chatting room/

Basically, this novel is about two best friend, who are Rosie and Alex. They had became friend since they were five years old. The had such a wonderful time together till Alex have to move from the place they were staying. Since that, they contacted each other by using email and also letters and sometimes by chatting. Both of them had a special feeling towards each other but they refused to tell each other because they thought a best friend could not be a love couple. Time by time, Alex married another woman, so do Rosie. However they were still keep in touch. Rosie had undergo a lot of troubles in her life. She had to raise her daughter alone, she failed her marriage and also she did not get her dream job because she did not went to college as she was pregnant when she was offered.Rosie's family always support her so do Alex. And on her fiftieth age, Rosie had able to own her dream hotel and also her true love, Alex. This novel is such a romantic, enthusiastic and supportive to myself.

From this novel, I had learnt about a true friendship which at last becoming a true love. There, I have learnt that we should take every chances that come to tell the person that we love our real feeling. It also tells about a social teenager who ended up pregnant to a very same alike daughter as her personality. What amaze me about the teenager is she does not try to abort her baby. She is also eager to raise her daughter with all her effort lonely without her daughter's father.
This novel also shows me about the important of family support in our everyday life. It also teaches me to never give up on my dream and always keep seeking for my own passion.

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