Thursday, 12 February 2015

#3 Review of P.S. I Love You

So , here is the novel that I had read for the last week. For me, it is a romantic, sad novel because its told about a woman who had lost her husband who was also her best friend as her husband suffering a brain tumor. At first, the main character, Holly could not accept that her beloved husband would die as soon and finally with her friends' and also her family's supports, she managed to live by her own and forgot about the past.
Just before her husband died, her husband, Gerry had ready a note for every months after he dead. He had planned everything perfectly. As Holly did really loves her husband, she would do everything that her husband asked her because she knew that her husband will always watching her. She even did the thing that she did not want just to fulfill her husband last wills. 

For me, this novel is kinda touching because it will make the readers feel the same as what Holly feels on that time. It also teaches about the important of friends and family in our life. Furthermore, we must accept everything that had gone with open heart because there will be something better in the future. 

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