Monday, 2 February 2015

#2 Movie Highlight :

Tadaaaa. Here is the movie for this week. MALEFICENT. I was looking forward to watch this movie as I heard many people talked, saying that this movie was great. Fortunately, I found this movie on my friend's laptop. Without thinking for too long, I picked my thumb drive and downloaded it. Okay, I am not supposed to say this.

So, for the movie review,
From this movie I had learnt to appreciate the nature. In this movie, a childhood Maleficent lived in a wood that are full of special creatures, species that are rarely be found. They lived together happily in that wood where all the creatures love and respect each other. I also had learnt that we must fulfill our promises to prevent the person that we had promised from hurting as we are giving them hope. Therefore, we should not bear any grudge towards anybody as it will finally harm us. Princess Aurora in this movie is a good, adorable princess. When she knew that Maleficent, her godmother was the one who spell her, she did feeling upset. But at last, she help Maleficent to get her wings back. Another thing is, a true love is not just a love from our mate. From this novel, I had learnt that a true love is a love that come truly from our heart and nobody could really feel the true love without a pure heart. It was so surprising when the one who cured Princess Aurora from the long sleep is Maleficent itself. Not the prince that had come there to kiss her lips.
I do recommend this movie to everyone. What my friends said is true. This movie is such a fantastic movie. :)

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