Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Day 18

I am feeling exuberant on updating my blog today. Reason? Maybe because I am in a really good mood at this moment. Words for today ........

  1. place for a person or animal to sit on 
  2. a freshwater fish.
  3. to sit or rest in an elevated position.
Eg :
  1. 1. A bird sits on it's perch.
  2. They sat in silence throughout the afternoon, until the sun sank far enough out of the sky to perch on the ocean.

  • STUFFY (adj)
  1. Lacking sufficient ventilation; close.
  2. Having the respiratory passages blocked
  3. Dull and boring
  1. He had a stuffy nose since it was winter.
  2. The ignorant boy thought that it was a stuffy lecture.

  • SLUM
  1. A heavily populated urban area characterized by substandard housing and squalor  
Eg :
  1. The innocent boy grew up in a slum near downtown.

  • ROBE
  1. To cover or dress in a robe or in something that functions like a robe
  2. a long, loose or flowing outer garment
  1.  The fields were robed with snow.
  2. She is wearing a robe.

  • GRIEVE (v)
  1. To cause to be sorrowful; distress
  2. To mourn or sorrow for
  1. It grieves me to see you in such pain.
  2. We grieved the death of our pastor.

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