Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Day 15

Good morning world ! :)
I am having my bed-serving breakfast right now. Fantastic! Today is Thaipusam. It is a celebration that are celebrated by Hindu, I guess in my country. Surely, we get a leave today and I will be going to spend my rarely holiday with my dearest book. Aha! Lifeless? No. The one who thinks like that is a non-open minded person. I bet. Without wasting any more time by reading my personal life, let's go through a new vocab for the day before yesterday, yesterday and also for today. Might the words will help us soon :)

  • GRIMACED (v)
  1. a twisting or distortion of the face, as in expressing pain, contempt, disgust, etc., or a wry look as in seeking to amuse
Eg :
  1. He bared his teeth in a grimace, then turned her so her back was to him.

  • INCESSANTLY (adverb)
  1. In a manner without pause or stop, especially to the point of annoyance; not ceasing.
Eg :
  1. The lightning was flickering incessantly, but she heard no thunder.

  • TUBBY (adj)

  1. Having a rounded shape
  2. Short and plump.
  3. Having a dull sound; lacking resonance.
  1. He loves fishing and he has a tubby fishing boat.
  2. Gents have you gained a tubby tummy and lost sight of your twinkle toes?

  • GROOVY (adj)
  1. Very pleasing; wonderful.
  1. Never the less, the room did quieten down to catch the groovy lyrics

  1. something that is boring and repetitive.
Eg :
  1. The fun ones seemed so stupid, they were pitiful and the smart ones were so tedious, he wanted to scream.

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