Saturday, 28 February 2015

#6 Movie Highlight


This is the first movie that I watched once I arrived in my home. Actually I am really looking forward to watch this movie as I had read the novel so I would like to feel the story in real world. I mean in reality. I thought that this movie has two version of novel, which are Where Rainbow Ends, the old version and Love, Rosie, the new version maybe. But I only read the old one. However, I think the movie is quite different from the real novel. There are some parts that being cut and honestly, I am quite disappointed for the cut part. But still, I enjoyed the movie very much.
In short, the movie is about a couple of best friend, Rosie and Alex, who had been friends since they were five, if I am not mistaken. They grew up together and they do realised that they love each other. However, they were denying their feeling towards each other and married with other person. Until at one time, they realised that the decision that they had made was really wrong. At the end, like other cliche story, they lived together and have a happy life.
Basically from this story, I had learnt that 
  1. We should be honest to ourselves to avoid from misstep. 
  2. We have to be brave especially in expressing our feeling so that we will not regret in the future.
  3. Never ending friendship that is really touched and meaningful.
  4. Importance of family support especially when we are in need.
  5. We should not give up till the last second.

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