Saturday, 14 February 2015

#4 Review of Hollywood's Princess

I got this story from an application in my phone which is Wattpad. I don't actually know whether to describe this as a novel or short story or anything else linked. I do really enjoyed this story, which it tells about a life in Hollywood. 
Everyone would say that being famous is one of the best thing in the world but they don't really realise that being famous make you stuck and you can't even get your own freedom. Every action and every steps that they took will be watched by everyone. 
Its kinda a love story between a couple who at first hating each other and lastly being together. Maybe. Maybe ? Actually this story is updated from time to time and the author have not finished it yet. So, I am jumping to a conclusion that they will be together at last. 
From what I had read, this story taught me about 
  1. The important of family relationship and the effect of ruining family to their children.
  2. A real best friend will definitely know how are our bahavior and also to make us happy.
  3. We should not judge someone if we do not really know them.
  4. We have to be matured on solving our problems.
  5. Just don't care about what people says as long as we are on the right path.

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