Saturday, 14 February 2015

#4 Movie Highlight

This was the movie that I had watched last night. A CINDERELLA STORY ONCE UPON A SONG. At first I taught that this movie is like a cliche Cinderella story but actually I was wrong about it. This movie is kinda different, I mean a lot of different because it is actually different. What am I talking about ? I really love the songs in the movie. They were very bursting, no I don't know how to describe their songs but they were really enjoying.
I do recommended teenagers to watch this movie as it is about a teenage life, stepmother, love and it is really suitable for a grown-up like us. I got touched with the scene when the main character, Katie was forced by her step-sibling to write a song for her in front of her boyfriend because she did not know how to compose a lyric or even singing a sing. Katie had fall in love with the hero, Luke Morgan but her love and also her talent was misused by her stepmother. I just don't know how to describe about the scene but it really touched me.  
So lessons I got from this movie are :
  1. We should be honest in our life.
  2. We should use our talent wisely.
  3. We should not trust people easily if we do not have any clear proof.
  4. We have to believe in ourselves and never give up on doing something.
  5. Love among family members are the most precious gift.

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