Thursday, 12 February 2015

#3 Movie Highlight :

Yeahh and movie for the last week. NOW YOU SEE ME.
This movie is about Four gifted street magicians are brought together by an unknown benefactor and, one year later, are performing in Las Vegas as "The Four Horsemen," sponsored by insurance magnate Arthur Tressler. For the finale of their first show, they declare they will rob a bank. Upon the discovery that the money really is missing from the bank vault, FBI agent Dylan Rhodes is called to investigate the theft. They arrest the Horsemen, but are forced to release them due to lack of evidence.

Dylan and Alma meet with Thaddeus Bradley, a former magician who professionally reveals the secrets behind other magicians' tricks. Thaddeus was in the audience and deduces the Horsemen stole the money weeks earlier, replacing it with counterfeit money printed on flash paper: while the real money was taken to Vegas for the trick, the counterfeit money was somehow burned. The three go to the group's next performance in New Orleans, where the Horsemen steal millions from Tressler's bank account and distribute it to the audience, somehow composed entirely of victims of Hurricane Katrina whose insurance claims had been denied or reduced by Tressler's company. Dylan attempts to apprehend the Four Horsemen, but they escape. An infuriated Tressler hires Thaddeus to expose and humiliate the Horsemen in their next performance. Meanwhile, Dray researches the group and suggests to Dylan they may be tied to twice-a-century initiation into a secret society of magicians called "the Eye," who claim to have access to real magic. One of their members, a man named Lionel Shrike, died decades ago when Thaddeus exposed his tricks and ruined him, and Shrike hastily attempted a stunt to rebuild his career, escaping from a safe dropped into a river, only to die when the stunt went wrong. Dray believes there may be a "Fifth Horseman" who is aiding the group off-stage.

Preparing for their show in New York, the Horsemen evade authorities, and Dylan and Dray chase Jack across the city, but his car crashes and explodes. The remaining Horsemen vow to continue in his name and complete their final performance, stealing a money-filled safe made by Elkhorn, the same company that made the safe Shrike died in. They perform their one last show at 5 Pointz during which they seemingly vanish into thin air, inexplicably transforming into a shower of bills that rain down on the crowd. The money turns out to be obvious forgeries, and the real money is found stashed in Thaddeus' car and he is arrested, assumed to be the Fifth Horseman. Dylan visits him in his cell, where Thaddeus explains that the only way the safe could have been removed was if Jack was still alive, having faked his own death. Thaddeus goes on to explain that the Fifth Horseman has to be an inside man and discovers it is Dylan himself when the agent disappears from the locked cell and reappears outside it. A somewhat gleeful Dylan tells Thaddeus he wants him to spend the rest of his life in jail and leaves without explaining himself. The Horsemen are now rejoined by Jack, whose death was staged as part of the trick using a replica car and a body stolen from a morgue. Dylan appears, reveals he is their mysterious benefactor, and welcomes them to the Eye.

At the Pont des Arts in France, Dray is met by Dylan, who reveals himself to be Lionel Shrike's son. He masterminded the Horsemen plot as revenge on those involved: Thaddeus, for humiliating his father and forcing him to try a risky stunt to revive his career; the Crédit Républicain de Paris and Tressler's company, who refused to pay the insurance on his father's death; and Elkhorn, the company that produced the substandard safe used in the trick that led to its failure. Dray decides not to turn him in. She takes a lock and a key that Dylan produces, putting the lock on a chain fence and throwing the key into the Seine.

In a mid-credits scene, the Four Horsemen have driven to a wasteland in the middle of a desert. All of them enter and find a secret room containing boxes full of their new magic equipment. They turn to McKinney and ask him for his individual card to open the boxes, but he has either lost or forgotten the cards.

Honestly, I am copying this from the wikipedia. What a lazy me right ?
So, what did I get based on this movie are ;

  • be an honest person
  • tricky things are bad
  • do not easily trust people
  • helping each other
  • do not discriminate the unfortunate
  • having a good strategy

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