Sunday, 25 January 2015

#1 Review of Tell It To The Skies

And this is the novel that I had read all the days this week. At first, when I saw this novel in my friend's shelf, I had attracted to it as the color of the cover page is pink. For the information, I love red and pink is one of red's siblings. Without thinking for too long, I decided to borrow this novel from my new friend.

After finishing reading this novel, I was thinking about how people in the ancient time, their minds are blocked by the religious things without considering too much on effort to live in this world. It is true that we must have faith in our life but we also have to keep it balances with our everyday life.

Basically , this novel is about a woman, Lydia who had lost her parents. Her father died in an accident while her mother killed herself on a railway track, It was a tragic story, when she and her sister, Valarie had to live with their grandparents who they had never even met. It was a cruel and loveless new world for them when living with their grandparent. The situation had forced Lydia to grow up faster as a matured girl. She learnt to keep secrets and to trust sparingly and through it all she had been shadowed by guilt and grief.

In school, Lydia met with a boy, named Noah and they had spent their time together. They were getting closer and felt in love. But something wrong was happened and they had lost their contacts for a very long time. Then as an adult, Lydia lived peacefully with her step daughter in the beautiful city of Venice. But in single moment, her step daughter, Chiara introduced her boyfriend which had reminded him to the past where Lydia had to revisit the past she had been hiding for many years.

New words I had learnt :

Mom asked me to put doilies under the dish that were served on the dining table.

  • ENVY
People stared, women in envy and hunger.

A worked antimacassar lay upon her lap and a basket of colored silks stood upon a stool beside her.

So, here are some reviews from me for this novel.
Honestly, I just don't like the way their grandparents treated Lydia and Valarie. It was such a cruel, loveless cared that I ever seen by now. Their grandparents might did not like their mother but they should not treat their grandchildren as brutal as that. They have to well care them as they are younger and maybe feeling sorrow for their parents' death. They are human being too and they should not be injustice just like that. 
As for Lydia and Noah love story, yeahh. I do really love the way they met, the way they had spent their time together and the way they had become a really closed friend like a buddy. There are also some knowledge of Bible in this novel, religion stuffs here. At most, I could learn some of others belief and could take some of good lesson in their book.
I would like to recommend this book for everyone to read as it shows us the real value of love. Not just love with our mates but also love towards family and also as a neighbour. This novel had gave me a highly impact to appreciate everyone that are around me and do take a good care the one that we love tightly. 

Guess here for now. I want to take a nap for a while. Enjoying my evening ;) 

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