Friday, 23 January 2015

Day 2

So, here am I again. Writing a new word, many actually to help me, myself and also everybody to increase our vocabulary in English. To be honest, it is extremely, exuberant fun when learning English. Sure you will not regret when finding out new word to be used in your essay. Later on, your English teacher will be proud on you for your effort to improve yourself.
Yeah, here the eleventh word.

  • DANGLE (v)
  1. to hang or swing loosely, or to make something do this
  2. to offer something good to someone, in order to persuade them to do something
  1. I dangled my feet in a clear, cold water while listening to music from my new, red MP4 that was gifted by my father on my eleventh birthday.
  2.  A good pay package and a company car were dangled in front of her to assure her to work in their company. 

  • SWIVEL (v)
  1. to turn around quickly and face a different direction, or to make something do this
  1. She swivelled her chair far away from his boyfriend as she was disappointed with his reaction when she asked him to propose. 

  • FLOOZY (n)
  1. a woman who has sexual relationships with a lot of different men, in a way that you disapprove of
Eg :
  1. She is a floozy woman and she always migrating from one place to another place within three months. 

  1. a cotton shoe with a flat rubber

Eg :
  1. Plimsolls are trending on teenagers nowadays as an outfit of the day because it is very comfortable to wear. 

  1. weather that is sultry is hot with air that feels wet (humid)
  2. a woman who is sultry makes other people feel strong sexual attraction to her
Eg :
  1. It is a hot and sultry day when I have to wait outside the class as I do not finished my homework.
  2. She gave the man a sultry glance before she went home after having a dinner with him.

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