Sunday, 25 January 2015

#1 Movie Highlight :

Hello, hi again. So, movie highlight for this week is FROZEN. It might sound clishe but this is all the movie that I have in my laptop for the time being. I will find another movie later on my friends' storage maybe. It is a lie if people does not know what this movie is all about. This movie is one of the most popular movie on 2014. So, do give them a big round of applause.

Basically, this movie is about two princesses who had died their parents. The eldest, Elsa had  power to freeze everything all around her and she could not control her power well. While her sister, Anna just a normal girl with an adorable personality. As Elsa cannot control her power well, she decided to get away from the society and live alone high in the far far away mountain, Anna tried to get her sister and he met a kind, messy man who had helped her a lot and they fell in love. They also had struggled to destroy a man who was trying to betrayed their kingdom.

I have been watching this movie a dozen times and I never feel boring on it. Besides of the characters that are designed well there is also a lot of lesson that can be learnt. I really love Olaf because he is kinda a cute, talk active, humored snowman. Based on this novel, I have learnt that, firstly, we should not trust the strangers easily because we just don't know what  are on their minds. They might finally let us down or betrayed us for their own good. Next, I have learnt that there is nothing more stronger than a family bond. As a saying says, blood is thicker than water. No matter how far we go, we will meet with our siblings. Therefore, we also have to struggle and being clever especially when solving our problems and planning a very great strategy to kill down our enemies. This movie is kinda full of romantic, love and also moral values that can be taken especially for a kids and also the adults.

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