Friday, 23 January 2015

Day 1

New day at home. Finally... So, I am going to start my assignment from now on since I have delayed it for almost one week. 5 new words per day and should be at least 30 words already. I am going to compile the words in this entry, if I can't do that, I will have another entry maybe by tonight.

  • EXUBERANT (adj)
  1. full of energy, excitement and happiness
  2. (of plants, etc.) strong and healthy; growing quickly and well
Eg : 
  1. We had an exuberant holiday in Perak since we have not spent our time together for a long time as we were very busy with our own work. 
  2. Orchid plant, which my mother planted last week had an exuberant growth.

  •  EPIPHANY (n)
  1. Sudden and profound understanding of something.
  2. Christian celebration on January 6th that remembers when the Wise Man first saw Jesus.
Eg :
  1. In my first grade, I experienced an epiphany that girls were always treated differently from the boys.
  2. In Italy, Italian celebrates epiphany on La Befana festival.

  • TYRANT (n)
  1. An extremely oppressive, unjust, or cruel ruler.
  2. An absolute ruler who governs without restrictions, especially one who seized power illegally.
  3. An oppressive, harsh, arbitrary person
  1. The new rule that was enforced by the government was a tyrant and cruel enough for a low-profile family.
  2. My boss in the place where I am working is a tyrant.

  • ROUSE (v)
  1. To wake (someone) up.
  2. To cause (someone) to be active, attentive, or excited; stir up.
  3. To give rise to; bring about.
  1. Auntie Sierra rouses her children every morning to get them prepare for their new day at school.
  2. Ahmad rouses when he knows that his family is going to a vacation somewhere in Paris .
  3. That book roused my curiosity about our Mother Earth. 

  1. An acrobatic stunt in which the body rolls forward or backward in a complete revolution with the knees bent and the feet coming over the head. Also called somerset; also called regionally tumbleset.
  2. A complete reversal, as of sympathies or opinions.
Eg :
  1. A well-known acrobatic is doing a somersault and she gets an overwhelming support from the audiences.
  2. She is a somersault as she keeps changing her opinions.

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