Sunday, 25 January 2015

Day 8

Proceeding with my next 5 new words of the day.
Before that, I want to share something that may help all of us to get many, many, many and as many new words that we can. Here it is .

Doing a page of word search a day and I will get a lot of new words.Do believe me. So, new words for today are related to time delaying.

  1. To postpone
  2. To end or suspend an event
  3. To move from one place to another.
  1. The meeting is adjourned until the manager come back from a work visit in Korea.
  2. The game will adjourn for lunch.
  3. After dinner, we will adjourn to the nearest park.

  1. causing or tending to cause delay; meant to gain time, defer action
  2. inclined to delay; slow or late in doing thing
Eg :
  1. My dilatory way of replying all the letters make the work become worst.
  2. He is such a dilatory and has all the bad qualities which we should not take him to work in here again.

  1. Resulting in no effect.
  2. Reluctant to work or to exert oneself.
  3. Having no reason,having no point, reason, or purpose.
Eg :
  1. It is otiose using this product.
  2. He is an otiose person as he always come late to office.
  3. It is otiose to talk about that girl.

  1. being sluggish or having little energy.
Eg :
  1. Uncle Rahman awoke lethargic and in pain.

  • SNAIL'S PACE (n)
  1. A very slow rate of speed.
Eg :
  1. The fat boy walks as a snail's pace.

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