Friday, 30 January 2015

Day 13

  • COTERIE (n)
  1. A circle of people who associate with one another.
  2. An exclusive group of people, who associate closely for a common purpose; a clique.
  3. A communal burrow of prairie dogs.
  1. The new junior employee joined our merry after-hours coterie.
  2. A tightly-knit coterie of executive power brokers made all the real decisions in the company.
  3. The coterie was located in the middle of our wheat field.

  • KIBBUTZ (n)
  1. A community, usually a village, based on a high level of social and economical sharing, equality, direct democracy and tight social relations.
  1. In the top of the cliff there was a small kibbutz where there was a mosque and we perform our prayer there.

  • MOB (v)
  1. To crowd around and jostle or annoy, especially in anger or excessive enthusiasm: 
  2. To crowd into 
  1. Eager fans mobbed the popular singer in the concert.
  2. Visitors mobbed the fairgrounds.

  1.  to make happy, excited or proud.
  1. She was elated to receive the proposal under a beam moonlight. 

  • WAGE
  1. One's total income for a time period
  1. Wages were also raised to head off the increasing working class discontent.

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