Friday, 23 January 2015

Day 5

Just having my exuberant dinner with my beloved family. We had our 'ikan bakar' and it was absolutely increased my appetite.

Yeahh, looked delicious and appetizing right?
That's not the point. I am going to continue my last ten words for this week. Quite exciting cause I will talk about novel and also movie that I had watched this week on the next entry. Here you go ...

  1. a short loud sound like something hitting a hard surface
Eg :
  1. I heard a thwacking sound near the dump center when I was on my way home from school.

  • NOWT
  1. nothing - used especially in the North of England
  1. I had nowt to eat since yesterday as we had finished our food source.

  1. extremely painful
  2. very unpleasant to experience, especially because of involving a difficult choice or a long wait
  1. I had an accident and the pain was agonizingly.
  2. Amnah had to make an agonizingly decision whether to stay with her mother or stay by her own.

  1. when an object ricochets, it changes direction when it hits a surface at an angle
  2. something such as a bullet or a stone that has ricocheted
  1. He was hit in the arm by a ricochet during the war. 
  2. Bullets ricocheted off the boulders around him.

  1. someone who is not very tall
  2. very small
  1. He is a midget because he is the shortest boy in his class.
  2. It is a midget submarine that I have ever seen. 

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