Friday, 30 January 2015

Day 10

I have adjourned this blog for almost a weeks. What a lazy me right? Actually, we are all quite busy this week because our class have been started. Therefore, the network here is not too good for me to update this blog. Going to academic block is such a thousand miles for me. So i decided to update this blog once a week. Can I?

Since we had got into our classroom, I had met my very nice, exuberant, delighted, beautiful English lecturer. Her name is Madam Alia if I am not mistaken. Unfortunately, I don't have her photo yet and I can't post it right now. She's kinda a mother-like lecturer and I adore her because of her advice which give me some sort of spirit, encouragement for me to improve and doing well in my 10 months here at KKTM Ledang.

So, here are my adjourned words for this week. 20 words in total.

  • DEVOUR(v)

  1. To eat quickly, greedily, hungrily
  2. To rapidly destroy, engulf, or lay waste.
  3. The fire was devouring the building.
  4. To take in avidly with the intellect.
  5. To absorb or engross the mind fully, especially in a destructive manner.

  1. He was too hungry to devour the food as he did not eat for almost 3 days due to the flood in his village.
  2. The fire devoured the building last night.
  3. She intended to devour the book.
  4. After the death of his wife, he was devoured by grief.

  • ENGROSS (v)
  1. to take all of someone's attention
  1. The novel engrosses every reader as it is full of good things.

  • AVIDLY (adj)
  1. having an intense craving; greedy: avid for power
  2. eager and enthusiastic: an avid reader
  1. The mayor is avidly for the power even though he had enough wealthy to live with.
  2. She is reading avidly the novel which was written by the famous author, Cecelia Ahern.

  1. Given to intruding in other people's affairs
Eg :
  1. If I can't take care of my own stable, I shouldn't be meddling in yours?

  • LAFF
  1. (chiefly humorous or for children) Alternative spelling of laugh
  1. The audience laff at the joker , who is making her joke on the huge stage.

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